How long do you keep cold meats after cooking?

16 Oct 2012
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1:58 AM
My husband Tony is very cautious about eating cold meats, and he'll often refuse to eat it after two days, even though the meat still has flavour, and it's been kept in the fridge.

I wasn't having that happening with the Christmas meats, so I asked the butcher how long I could keep the meats safely. He said up to a week, and I asked him to put it in writing for Tony. He did, too, and Tony took his word for it, which is annoying, as I've always told him meat's fine for around 5 days. If it's not, it either tastes of nothing at all, or changes colour.

So how long are you happy with keeping cold meats?
till its eaten , but normally no more than 3 or 4 days at max
If it's in the fridge 4 days max. About. Any doubts about the provenance I lob it over for the dog. He will eat anything.:)
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