How long is a stick of Cinnamon meant to be?


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11 Oct 2012
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Mad question time, but I have a recipe that states 1 stick of cinnamon. I then go on to break up the stick, roast it with other spices and then grind them all up.

So my question, which the recipe does not give away, is what is a standard length of cinnamon?
Reason I ask is depending on where I buy my cinnamon from, my stick can be anything from 10cm to 25cm or more, not to mention the thickness issues...

So anyone any ideas please? The current sticks are 20cm long by about 1cm diameter.
The length of the cinnamon stick in this country is dictated by the size of container the manufacturer wants to use.

So the supermarket and Swartz cinnamon sticks will be about 3"- 4".

We can sometimes cinnamon sticks in larger containers, and those are about 6" long.

So, not very helpful there am I? Basically, with the sticks you have at the moment I'd start with half a stick and see how it goes.
I think I'd assume a stick to be about 3" long, but purely because that's the only size I've seen.
I've got a bag, maybe out of date now, with cinnamon stickes that our about 6-7" long and as big as a fat cigar. Nver used them cos they look cool. I should use them before they go off!
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