How to add "Recipe" to your recipe's title

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    Hi Everyone

    We have recently launched a new feature that allows you to put a Prefix on the title line for recipes.
    This helps you search for recipes really easily if everyone who enters a recipe in the very first post of each thread ensures that they put this prefix on.
    To use this feature to list all the recipes simply click on the Prefix and you will get the list.


    Clicking on the circled "Recipe" Prefix will get you this. All of the recipes that have the prefix "Recipe" in the Vegetarian and Vegan forum. This saves you scrolling through 7 pages of threads when you are looking for a particular recipe.


    If the member who posts a recipe in the FIRST post of each thread ensures that they enter this prefix, it will help to make this a useful feature. I have been through the entire site and updated every recipe I could find with this prefix so recipes entered before this feature was installed will be included.

    To add this Prefix when you enter a recipe, simply click on the arrow to the right of (No prefix) and you will get a 'list'. Select Recipe and the prefix has been added to the title.



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  2. morning glory

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    Just tried it. Very useful!

    To clarify, when you click on the recipe prefix it will only show recipes from that particular category (i.e. Outdoor Cooking)?

    Also it only seems to work if I click the prefix when the recipe is listed in its title (not if I have that particular recipe 'open'). Is that right?
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  3. SatNavSaysStraightOn

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    NSW, Australia
    Yes. So I if I am in Vegetarian and Vegan and click on the recipe prefix, I will only see threads that have the Prefix "Recipe" and only if they are in Vegetarian and Vegan. If there is a recipe in the forum that does not have the Prefix "recipe" added it will not be shown. The prefix acts as a filter, taking out everything that does not have the prefix applied to the title.
    Yes. You have to be in the forum 'list' view not reading an actual thread.
    Hope that makes sense
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