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How to create a media album


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This carries on from Getting started with the Media Gallery.

First of all, you can't create an empty album. Accept that and life will be easier. It's the equivalent of creating a thread with only a title and no content.

The next thing that you need to accept is that each operating system (MS Windows, iOS, Android or Linux/Redhat) each version of operating system, each device type (desktop, tablet, phone), each vendor (HP, Apple, Samsung, Sony etc) and finally each web browser (MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) will have a different look and options, different icons or names and different pop-ups for uploading your image. But one bit of good news is that if you can upload an image into a reply (post) when you add a picture of what you ate today, then you already knew how to do it!

So, as is the way with anything electronic, there is alway more than one way to do the same thing and right now the first thing you are going to do is to upload an image and create an album when you do so.
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I'm going to add an image to a new media album that is going to be created in the Vegetarian or Vegan media gallery. It's a vegan cheese I made using this recipe Recipe - (Vegan) Baked Almond Nut Cheese (Feta Style) - revisited.

So, I'm going to navigate to the media gallery that I want to create the album in. (I don't have to, there are other ways and I'll cover them in another post.)

  1. So the first step is to click on the Media button on the green bar at the top. That takes you into the Media Gallery at the equivalent of the Home page of the forum. On a small screen device, you need to choose Media from the 3 horizontal green bars to the left of the CookingBites logo and Name.
  2. Next, expand the media gallery called General Cooking Images by clicking on it. It's in the list on the left if you're on a desktop/laptop or tablet. On a small screen device, you'll need to click on the 3 black horizontal bars with the word Navigation which should be at the very top in the center. This will bring up a navigation menu from the left hand side of the screen. You'll need to choose the same thing, General Cooking Images.
  3. In both cases, if you click on the down V to the left of the words General Cooking Images, the menu will expand without navigating to the page. If you click on the words themselves, you'll navigate further into the media gallery and be presented with a list of sub-galleries along with descriptions, the numbers of Albums, media count and comments. Either way, you want to choose Vegetarian or Vegan.

So some images... I'm on two devices, both Android, one a tablet the other a phone. I'm using Opera (a web browser) for both and both are Samsung devices.

My tablet gives me a couple of options along the way but they all end up looking like this if I start by clicking on the Media button.


You know where you are in the navigation by the bold font in the navigation menu and by the words "Vegetarian or Vegan" immediately above!
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On a phone, you'll see this sequence.

Clicking on the 3 green horizontal bars

choosing Media

Clicking 3 black horizontal bars called Navigation

Clicking General Cooking Images

Clicking Vegetarian or Vegan

And finally it will look like this on a phone
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Once you have reached the stage where you are in the correct media gallery to create your media album, you will click on the "Create album" button. This is located in the top right corner, it's a green button and is in the same/similar location on all devices.

On the next screen, you want to click on the " Upload file" option. (Tip, if a new window opens, rather than a pop-up, close it and try again. Every now and again the server is busy as will only allow you to add a single image at a time. Annoyingly, this new window won't allow you to change the filename, add tags or a description, so just ditch it and try again.)


You'll now get something similar to this. This is on an Android 11 using Opera as a web browser. I don’t get this option in Chrome. It goes directly to my recent files without giving me the option to use the camera. So I'm not going to add images for navigating to, and selecting your files to upload.

Once you have selected your images, they will upload to the server. You can start to fill in the filenames and descriptions as soon as the system allows you to. If you need to add more files, just click the "Upload file" button a second time.

It is now time to change the Title which by default is the filename.
You can add a description and tags at this stage as well.
Right at the very bottom of the page, underneath all of the images you are adding is the box called Album title and another called Album description.

Once all of this is filled in, you can click save.

Once saved, you'll enter the album you've just created where you can see each image along with all of the EXIF And Meta data, any comments and ratings etc.
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