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    New 'threads' are the lifeblood of our forum. The more new threads, the more conversations and the more likely we are to attract new members. A new thread can be a question you have, a recipe you want to show us or a subject you want to discuss.

    Creating a new thread is easy.
    Go to the section of the forum which best fits your topic. Just scroll down the page to look at the sections listed on left of screen. Let's suppose you want to ask a question about cheese. The logical place would be in Eggs, Cheese and Dairy:


    Just click on Eggs, Cheese and Dairy and you will see a list of all the threads posted there.
    In the top right of screen is Post New Thread.


    Click on it.and you will see a new window.
    Type in your 'Thread Title' (1) and then your message.
    Add any tags (optional but useful (2). There is a separate help thread regarding tags here.
    Click on 'Create Thread', (3) and you have created a new thread. Easy!

    Like this:

    All done. Now just wait for other members to respond.
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