How to use cheap cuts of beef

16 Oct 2012
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I found this blog on BBC Good Food - which I visit every day. It's all about cheap cuts of beef, and how to use them, along with the obligatory recipes.

I bought some shin yesterday, and made a brilliant Stifado - although I say it myself as shouldn't. And on the rare occasions when I make Cornish pasties, it has to be skirt, which is good for braising as well. So, do you have a favourite cheap cut of meat? How do you serve it up?
I use the cheap cuts in vegatable soup. Add your favorite vegatables, tomatoe juice, beef and cook in the crock pot for a few hours. Makes great soup and tastes just as good out of the freezer.
We use a lot of cheap cuts of meat on a regular basis and I usually cook them in either the crockpot or braise them in the oven to get them as tender as possible.
I purchase turkey legs and use them to make soup. The recipe is simple. You boil a turkey leg in a large pot along with a 1/2 onion until the meat is falling off the bone. Be sure to add salt and pepper. Then, you add a cup of rice. After a few minutes, you have turkey-rice soup.
I usually make a stew. Its great to make a stew out of the cheap cuts of meat. I just leave it to cook for hours, and the longer its cooking the nicer the meat gets. I am getting really hungry just thinking about it.
I often hear of people mentioning how Flank steak is a good deal, but for some reason at our local grocery stores they want like $17-$20+ for a rolled up one. That's more or less like buying two or three Ribeyes or Strip Steaks anyhow, not to mention it is a tougher cut of meat.

I tend to stick with Chuck in some form or another when I am looking to have beef inexpensively. Either that, or I will simply stretch out a good cut of meat into several meals. The Rump roasts are far too dry and tough.
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