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    Using the quote button is pretty easy. There are 2 ways of doing it.

    1. I find the easiest and simplest method is to write up/out (or paste) what you want to be in the quote, and then select it.

      Like this. I want this to be inside the quotes. This whole like, so I am going to highlight the line, the same as I would if I wanted to copy it for a copy and paste, so turn it blue, but not by swearing at it!

      Once it is highlighted, click on the Insert button as circled below.

      Now in the drop down menu that arrives, click on the " Quote option


      Done. Your text will be surrounded by the Quote command and your text will show up in a quote box, like this


      And look like this:

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    So the second way of doing or making something appear in "Quotes" is to put the quotes code in first and then the text, picture or links.

    • So it is a very similar process to the method above, only you don't write anything up yet or copy anything out and you don't highlight anything.

      So to start off, click on the insert button and select " Quote like this.


      This will give you the standard Quotes start and Quotes end boxes as shown. Once again, do not move the cursor from where it is, just type what you want and it should arrive between the closing square bracket of the start of the Quotes code and the opening square bracket of the end of the Quotes code, like this.


      Now just type and once you use the Post reply button, whatever is inside those square brackets will be inside the quotes box.


      And it looks like this.

      . Put the full stop outside of the quotes box and guess what?
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    NSW, Australia
    So what happens if you want to quote a member's post?
    I have written some instructions for that over here. (add link here)

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