Is there an App for that?


11 Oct 2012
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12:13 AM
Eccles, Salford
I was looking at jam recipes a few days ago, and found a website with some on, and a 'calculator' function. If you didn't have the full quantity of an ingredient, you put in the quantity you did have, and it worked out the proportions and amounts for all the rest of the ingredients.

I was thinking, an app for that on my phone would be very useful! I've just made a micro batch of jam, and only had one cooking apple, so I weighed it, and scaled all the other ingredients - there were only 4 ingredients in all so it wasn't too tricky. But an app that did it would be good - you'd type in all the proper amounts, then highlight one, and tell it how much you had of that thing, and it would recalculate all the others. You wouldn't need to type in the actual ingredients, you'd just do the numbers in the order they appear in the recipe, and then it would correct them all.

I'm sure I could get an Excel spreadsheet to do it, but that would mean having my laptop handy.

Does anyone here write phone apps?

And what app would you like to see!
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