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11 Oct 2012
Local time
6:18 AM
Eccles, Salford
NT and I were out in town today, and dropped in to the Manchester Festival Square to see what was going on, planning to see if we could find a coffee or something. But we found something even better.

NT can't eat regular ice cream, as he's lactose intolerant, but he can eat frozen yoghurt ( the lactose is altered by the fermentation, so he can digest it). When we visit an ice cream van, he has to opt for a water ice lolly instead.

But, Lo and Behold, there was an ice cream van that was only serving whippy frozen yoghurt! He went for raspberry sauce on top, I had chocolate. Then we sat in deckchairs, and revelled in being able to share the 'ice cream' experience.


Happy Bunny!
Yes lovely. The nice thing is that the yoghurt has a sharper tang than ice cream, so it's not too sweet or sickly.
It was really good, though a bit costly. I wouldn't want to be buying too many at a time.

Mixing in some frozen raspberries would have been nice but an extra £1 for what would have been two raspberries quartered and sprinkled on top was too much.

I must get some frozen yoghurt at home, it'll make a change from soya ice cream.
I tried making some cashew nut chocolate ice-cream last week. needs a touch more work on the chocolate flavouring but it was exceptionally nice and I heard no complaints from my OH and it was a lot cheaper than a tub of booja-booja. now just to suss out the flavouring completely, excuse for another batch of ice-cream....
That's one very happy NT there. It's always good when you find something that's even better to eat than the stuff you have to substitute with inferior products.
There must be someone else out there running a non-lacto, or non-dairy 'ice cream' van. There's soya, lacto-free, frozen yoghurt, sorbet. I mean there must be festivals out there just crammed with people with dairy allergies etc.

NT would love to be able to have a proper cone, with a flake and a dribble of red sauce. We could do that at home ok, but no one wants a cone at home, you want them when you're out!
On the flip side, my local Morrisons has stopped selling Swedish Glace ice cream, the only other option I have for ice cream. :(
On the flip side, my local Morrisons has stopped selling Swedish Glace ice cream, the only other option I have for ice cream. :(

That's a real shame, and very annoying. It's not like it has a short shelf life, and it took up minimal space in the freezers, only ever having one facing. They've got room for all sorts of hideous ice cream flavours (peanut butter ice cream ugh!) and lollies full of E-numbers. NT complained in store, and tweeted, maybe a direct email would be a good idea. It would be something if they just stocked it in summer, but they've discontinued it in the middle of July!
Oh cheers, we'll have a look. No Waitrose near NT's, but I have a local one.

Sainsburys do the Swedish Glace, but NT's local Sainsburys is a drive away, whereas Morrisons is a short walk.
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