Latest food trend: the plenish plate

Fed up with not so ‘new age’ nourish bowls? Bored with Buddha bowls? I bring you the latest healthy food trend: the plenish plate (a.k.a. the plenish platter)! The concept is simple and has distinct advantages over the bowl presentation. Firstly, its much easier to see all the various food ingredients. Individual items don’t get buried at the bottom of the bowl. Secondly, different toppings can be used for each item without getting mixed up. Arguably you can also get more food on a plate than in a ‘Buddha bowl’. Last but not least, the plate can be eaten in a much more elegant manner, using a knife and fork (European style) rather than fishing around with a fork or chopsticks whilst steadying the bowl with the other hand.

The trend was first spotted in London but some say it originated in LA. Chef and proprietor Izzy Coltart of Oryoki Kitchen in Hackney, London states, 'Plenish platters are particularly popular with customers at lunchtime and have almost overtaken sales of our signature tenzo bowls’

Here is a plenish plate I made earlier:


Clockwise from the top: yuzu marinated radishes, rocket in vinaigrette, white asparagus with fennel pollen, beetroot in yoghurt and mustard dressing, Spring onions, tomato salad with olive oil and basil, char grilled tofu (marinated in beer and Marmite) with a sorrel and kefir sauce, baby gem lettuce. In the centre, black rice with tamari dressing.

I like the way that plate looks but I do hope this is a legitimate trend and not an April's fool joke, I'm known for falling for everything and anything on the 1st of April every year.
Well, yeah... it was an April fool. :D But I did wonder if it could take off! If anyone has an instagram account feel free to post the images (which are mine) and some of the text to see how many hits it gets. Maybe we could start a world wide food trend!
April 1st is that day of the year where I absolutely can't be on social media, I just believe everything everyone says.
I think I’ll market a “Bountiful Bucket,” a new device that you can fill with your favorite foods, and by using the innovative Stabilizer Bar 3000, you can conveniently hang it round your neck and nosh away at will! :wink:
Well I am naive but not THAT MUCH naive :laugh:
If you're going to say 'firstly' and 'secondly,' you might as well go the whole hog and say 'lastly' and 'leastly.' Otherwise, a nicely done sneaky post, very convincing and well photographed. And you're right: it could very well catch on, because it makes sense. Remember: when asking for seconds, just say "Re-plenish, please."
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