How often do you have a meal that consists mostly of left overs?

Honestly, never ... all our leftovers go straight in the bin.

Partly because the cat will eat it if it's left on the side and also because I don't think my wife has the inclination to store and cook leftovers. :wink:
How often do you have a meal that consists mostly of left overs?

Most of my meals at home are leftovers, because I cook up a big batch of pasta sauce at the start of the week and work through it!

I often use half an onion or pepper and save the rest in a tub in the fridge for the next week.
I grew up in a house where cash was tight so food rarely got thrown away unless it was bad. This is something that has stayed with me. If we have a roast and have spuds and leeks left then TVC makes a soup, just add a small amout of cheese and you have a tasty meal using left over veg and about 60p worth of cheese. Friday we had a paella (of sorts) using mushrooms, chicken and bacon left over from the rest of the week. Again, just add a few bits and a tasty meal was had. This is a bit of a bee in my bonnet about waste, we buy what we need so waste is kept to a bare minimum, if it is bad and cannot be eaten then it goes in the compost bin.
Left overs as a meal is every other day, sometimes 2 days in a row. I cook 3 times a week usually (for 2 people) what I cook is usually for 4 or 6 servings and reheated the following day. If there is not enough then something will get added to the left overs to make it a full meal.
Food only gets thrown away when it can't be reheated (again) or has actually gone bad (nothing to do with Best before dates)

Tonights evening meal and last nights evening meal were both 'left overs'. cooked on friday, eaten, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
I will cook again tomorrow, and it gets eaten Monday & Tuesday just adding fresh noddles to it on Tuesday to 'pad' it out.
Like Lullabelle, I grew up in a house were money was tight. Mum, Dad, me and my sister.

Everyso often, we'd have a roast chicken for Sunday dinner. We had the breast meat sliced for roast dinner, and the rest of the meat was stripped off the carcass and went in the fridge. From it, we'd get two, sometimes three more meals - chicken pie, chicken in a sauce on pasta, chicken risotto. The carcass was picked apart and boiled for stock, which would make the risotto, and often go into another meal. Plus Mum had chicken dripping on toast for one supper, and there might just about be a chicken sandwich for tea.

When we had casserole for Sunday dinner,with spuds and veg, there was always a second portion left for Monday, served with pasta or rice, perhaps bulked up with a tin of tomatoes.
I'd say that we eat leftovers for a meal at least twice a week. Like others here, I'll only throw away food if I absolutely have to. One of my favourite ways to use up leftovers is in a soup. Once, I had some meat, potatoes, onion and swede left over after making Cornish pasties. I'd run out of pastry, and there wasn't enough filling left over to make it worth making more, so I used it as the base for a soup, with some tomatoes and pasta. I called it Cornish Minestrone and it was delicious!
We always do more mashed potato than we have to, so we have the makings of things like potato bread, fishcakes and shepherds pie.
We always do more mashed potato than we have to, so we have the makings of things like potato bread, fishcakes and shepherds pie.
And bubble and squeak, rostis and cheese and potato pie. I usually overdo it with the mashed potatoes as well, because there's so much you can do with mashed potatoes, either for a quick snack or even a main meal.

I like to slice up some onions, mushrooms and tomatoes and layer them on the bottom of a dish. Then I'll grate some strong cheddar, mix it into the potatoes, season with black pepper and Worcester Sauce, and spread it over the vegetables. Then I sprinkle more grated cheese on top and bake in a hot oven for 15 - 20 minutes. Wonderful, and it doesn't taste in the least like leftovers.
I'm on a roll this week. I made a chicken, sweetcorn and mushroom casserole yesterday, with far too much gravy. I turned the rest of it into a soup, by adding more vegetables and seasoning, a jar of cooked chick peas and some chopped tomatoes. We had it tonight and it was fabulous. I think I'll change my username to Leftovers Lucy.:roflmao:
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