Mary Berry lemon drizzle cake...

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11 Oct 2012
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2:00 PM
Greater Manchester UK
Half way through following a Mary Berry recipe for lemon drizzle cake isn't a good time to discover that there isn't a lemon zester, nor juicer in the kitchen! :unsure:

I made do.:thumbsup:

Also I was only doing half the size of cake in the recipe so only needing one of the two lemons. Mary suggests microwaving lemons for 30 seconds to get the most juice out of them. She didn't say 30 seconds for each lemon, or both in the recipe.:unsure:
Steaming hot lemon halves are damned difficult to squeeze! :D
Mmmmmmmm! :)
Taste test.

I would say that next time I will add some of the lemon juice, maybe a third or as much as a half, into the mix and the rest as the glaze.
The glaze is very lemony whereas the cake much less so in places where the glaze hadn't soaked through as much.
And very nice it was too! I had a slice when I got there on Friday, and we took the rest to my Mum's for the weekend, where it was much appreciated!
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