Medtran, Hows Craig?


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18 Mar 2018
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6:56 AM
Christchurch New Zealand
Oh, he gets on from time to time and looks, but the computer is 1 if the things he is still having a good bit of trouble with and he gets frustrated.

The TV remote can also be a source of frustration if he pushes incorrect buttons and gets into a screen he can't figure how to get out of.

It also frustrates me when he brings up the guide and just sits there staring at it, and when he won't give the remote when the above happens so I can fix it since he can't see the buttons to read what they say without glasses now.

I was away with the fairies for weeks after the anaesthetic, sometimes it takes ages to get back on track, when I first started driving again I would get gas and forget to pay. Just time I guess but sounds like he's ahead of where I thought he would be. Btw you're a trooper. Craig's lucky to have you.



14 Aug 2017
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11:56 AM
Lafayette, LA. US
In addition to being on heavy meds for an extended period of time was Craig also on a ventilator? My BIL was on a ventilator after a heart attack. We have several friends who have been on a ventilator due to Covid. ALL suffered from cognitive disfunction directly related to the ventilator. Some recovered sooner than others. They had problems with small things - using a computer, the TV remote, trying to balance a check book, lacing a pair of shoes.
Your dedication and patience are saintly. Hang in there. Let Craig know that we are all rooting for him and miss him.


3 Dec 2017
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12:56 PM
SE Florida
He drove home from the grocery today, first time since October 30. Seems he still has a little trouble with spatial orientation/depth perception/processing. Backing out, I had to yell for him to watch behind him because he was about to hit a car. He also tended to ride the edge of the road, almost hit a curb a couple of times, and was right on the edge of the pavement into and in our community. And, he drove right past our home, besides being initially disoriented about which way to go in the grocery parking lot, but he was okay once I got him started in correct direction. At least he was driving slowly and carefully otherwise. Short local trips only for a while for now.
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