My recycled and foraged hamper of goodies...


11 Oct 2012
Local time
12:57 PM
Eccles, Salford
I wanted to make up a hamper for my Mum for her birthday. I'd got some chive-flower infused vinegar, some herb infused oil, a jar of redcurrant jelly and a jar of blackberry jam.

Working on the recycling round, we often find useful stuff, so I put out a wish for a suitable container, preferably something Mum could reuse afterwards. I was rewarded with an old wooden wine crate:

NT fettled it back into shape, and put some battens on the lid to make it fit nicely, and drilled holes to take some rope handles. Then I lined it with a map of France (also from the recycling).


Then I filled it with shredded paper (old road atlas, guess where I got that...), and nestled the goodies in it:


The thing that looks like a little cone of bonbons is a little joke. Very elaborately wrapped:


Inside is one of these:


Mum's is getting a bit blunt, and she prefers this style, but couldn't find one locally - we got one at my local hardware shop.

Rather pleased with it all. The only things I had to buy were the olive oil and wine vinegar, and the sugar for the jams. All the bottles and jars were freebies from the recycling, and the fruit foraged from the garden and reserve where I work. Even the tricolor ribbon was left over from some novelty chocolate Olympic 'gold medals' we had last year.

Result: Priceless.
What a lovely gift Arch - one of a kind, which you'd have paid a fortune for in a 'foodie' shop. Our grandson and his partner made up a hamper of home made goodies for us for Christmas, and presented it in an old-fashioned shopping basket. I really appreciate those sort of gifts, and I'm sure your mother loved it.
She did!

I also took a jar of redcurrant jelly, and one of blackberry jam, down to my sister and family, and they've been opened and enjoyed too!
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