My wife's treat at night


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18 Mar 2018
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Christchurch New Zealand
Wow. This and the previous sounds like you are a wonderful husband. I thought about it even later, but wasn't sure if it is a polite thing to say...

You are right, I am good to her as I was to my mum when she was alive. I always bought my mum gifts and continue with my wife. Just how I was raised.



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25 Aug 2019
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6:55 AM
Dallas, TX
Do you have bakery outlet stores down there? They're usually branded by whatever major commercial baker makes their product, like Butternut or Wonder or Pepperidge Farms around here.

We have them, and they're almost always out in the middle of nowhere, and they'll be in some ugly metal building, almost like a lean-to, and all the breads, rolls, and pastries, crackers...whatever that company sells, will be marked at deep discounts because they're about to go past their "best by" date.

Whenever we're out driving around some unfamiliar area and we see one, we pull over and spend about $10US and get a box full of cookies and cakes and other stuff.

There was one in Plano, the city just South of Frisco. It was a Hostess branded store. I forget what kind of bread they had, but all the snacks were Hostess. I have no idea whether it is still there.

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