New Restuaraunt called Palms Grill


10 Sep 2013
Local time
7:50 AM
Those of you who aren't in California most likely have never heard of this restaurant. Here is the story, they moved in after there was an incident with the last restaurant. The one we used to go to at the same address was a Chinese buffet and later we saw it on the news. Cops were swarming the place because one of the customers found out they were actually serving cat! I was mortified since we used to eat there every weekend... Ugh.

Anyways, this new restaurant is great. They remodeled everything and have one location in Petaluma, CA then another in Sonoma, CA. Marble tables, a fire place replica in the wall, dim lighting, and the whole nine yards. Looks so much better. Anyways, I ordered Fettuccine Alfredo and it came in a huge plate. It was delicious!

Has anyone else heard of them or been there? Or maybe you have a similar experience..
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