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11 Oct 2012
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So you've signed-up, got your user account, now all you need to do is get posting .... ah, um, er, what do I say?

Well it's really easy, just start a new thread to say "Hello" and tell us a little bit about yourself, whereabouts in the world you are from (useful at a country level because we all call thing by different names), what you love to cook, and if you want to why you joined us. :) Then, once we have approved your thread, others will see it here, in the New Member Introductions forum, and welcome you to CookingBites. :okay:

So, who am I? My name is Emma. I own and operate the CookingBites forum. I'm became vegetarian more than 36 years ago, then after developing a severe allergy (anaphylaxis) to dairy proteins, I became vegan. A few years ago I relocated from the rural Cheshire (UK) to rural New South Wales, Australia and started to rescue chickens. Now I'm vegan plus eggs from my own chickens (only) but don't let that stop you posting your favourite meat or fish dishes. I'm not here to force my dietary choices/requirements on you.

I hope you enjoy your time here and become a part of our growing community.

If you need any help using the site, want to post your first recipe or enter one of our challenges, have a quick look in the CookingBites How to Guides and if you can't find what your looking for there, just post in our support forum and someone will be able to guide or advise you. Or you can just send me a message.

Enjoy!! :thumbsup:

Emma :D

(aka SNSSO)
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