New web server ordered


4 Oct 2012
Local time
9:39 AM
Our web server has given us five years of great service but is feeling the pinch at peak times so I've ordered a new one with some faster gizmo's in it. :thumbsup:

It should be ready in 4-6 weeks - I'll give you a shout when we're ready to move everything over.

Shaun :D
The new web server should arrive early next week. :D

There will be several days of configuring and testing and then we'll start moving the sites over in roughly this order:
  • EntertainmentChat
  • FoodiesChat
  • PhotographersChat
  • GardeningChat
  • MyPetChat
  • MyBusinessChat
  • GeeksChat
  • CycleChat
Each site will go offline for a short while as we move the files and database to the new web server and re-point the domain.

I'll post status updates on CycleChat since it's going last:

Shaun :D
Unfortunately the new server delivery has been delayed. I don't have a new E.T.A. as yet, but will post once I know more. :thumbsup:
The new server arrived over Christmas and this morning FoodiesChat was moved from the old to the new server.

If you come across any problems please let me know via the site contact form (link at bottom left). :thumbsup:

Shaun :D
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