People don't mind eating horse meat - as long as it's safe and labelled correctly

16 Oct 2012
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3:31 AM
Martin Lewis on Money Saving Expert has conducted a poll which resulted in more than half of the respondents saying they'd be happy to eat horse meat - as long as it's safe for human consumption and labelled correctly.

That's pretty much my view as well. What do you think?
Yes, me too.

I wonder how many people even know WHY we don't usually eat horse?

It's all the Pope's fault. Well, a Pope a long time ago. In the early Christian era, eating horse meat became associated with pagan rituals, and the then Pope banned it.

For some reason, we in the UK hung onto the taboo when continental countries ditched it. Odd, when you consider we had our differences with the Pope in the past...

Because they've not been intensively bred for meat, horses are rather inefficient with long gestation periods and relatively similar builds, as opposed to cattle which have been bred to produce more muscle in all the right places.
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