Plans for today (2024)

My plans for yesterday were to go in to the office, work, and come home, but those got upended on Wednesday evening. I was at the barn, and just about to leave, when I remembered I should top-up horsey’s water bucket. He had enough to last through the night, but I figured he’d appreciate the extra.

As I went to fill it, I had to step over a dead baby bird on the ground. Ew! As I filled his bucket, I glanced over at the bird, and noticed it moving - turns out it wasn’t dead after all. I thought about leaving it, but figured I should try my best to give it a fighting chance, so I picked it up, put it in a cardboard box, drove to the nearest gas station, and started calling wildlife rehabbers.View attachment 113641
Of course, all the wildlife rehabbers were closed. So I drove home with the bird (which was moving around far more than I would have expected!), and did what all the websites say to do: put it in a slightly larger box with a towel, and put a heated pad under the box to keep it warm. I then locked it in my bathroom so the cats couldn’t get at it. I even stayed up way too late to make sure it got enough warmth (our heat pad turns off automatically after a certain period of time).

Amazingly, it survived the night and even chirped a bit at me and opened its mouth to beg for food the next morning!

View attachment 113642
I called a lot of rehabbers - it’s busy season and a lot were full, so I had trouble, but I finally found one who agreed to take it. Only thing - they were 1-1/2 hours drive away from me. So the newly-named Edgar and I got into the car, and I hauled him up there. Dropped him off along with a donation to hopefully to cover his rehab costs and then some. I hope he makes it. It’s just one silly little baby bird, but he was so feisty and fighting so hard. I’ll see if I can get an update from the rehab in a week or so.
I got an update from the wildlife rehab yesterday - Edgar survived! They said he was one of 16 (!) baby birds that came in that day. He’s doing well and has moved to an outdoor aviary with some buddies. He should be able to be released soon!

Turns out he’s a European starling. They’re actually an invasive species here, so I feel a little weird that I went to so much effort to save a member of an invasive species, but there you go. He made it!
Will try to rest in between a walk and my daughter coming home from a city stroll. A span of 60 to 90 min perhaps. Grateful grateful.
Got up earlier than the alarm, work, clean, walk(lovely slow pace of the last round of walk), now rest. As tomorrow's morning when I have to take my Dad to his dentist will come fairly quickly. And work after that. It will be evening again.

No time to jogg tomorrow😐. Nor Friday. I am taking my Dad to his lab test. Then cook and go to work.

We had tons of rain last night and this morning. The air is nice and fresh. But I fear some people will have flooding issues.
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