Plans for today (2024)

My plans today involve 5 hrs of online lectures. I'll get chance to check the postbox but that's about it. In-between that, I've got some organising to get done. Today is the day I learn exactly what is involved in my masters course and meet the ICT staff (online).

I'm preparing a couple of flasks of hot water and my lunch to have at the desk. Luckily the desk is adjustable so can move from sitting to standing. I suspect I'm going to need it. 3 of those lectures are back to back.

I've also got a poorly chook to attend to as well.

Thankfully I don't need to cook. I did that yesterday.
We are going to dinner club meal. Some thai joint I've never heard of before. On line menu looks good. I viewed it over my wifes shoulder. I know I'm having chicken satay for entree . It's a 15 minute drive from here.
I purchased stuff for curry puffs earlier. I'm doing them tomorrow

I'm laughing because I can't get my hub to ever look at menus online before we go somewhere! He insists on waiting until we get there lol.
I'm preparing for the semi-final football tonight (hup Holland hup) :)

Usual daily chores of watering garden, computer work etc.
Just need to keep a good check on the solar system to make sure I have enough battery power to keep the starlink running at night
Won a big meat tray about $70 worth.
I had beef burger wife had chicken bowl.



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