Recipe Pork and blackberries.


11 Oct 2012
Local time
11:39 PM
Eccles, Salford
Inspired by Nigel Slater's recipe for roast pork in blackberries, but having only the budget for pork steaks I improvised. I smeared the black berries over the steaks and let them stand for a while, then pan fried them. Once cooked, I hoiked them out to rest, and deglazed the pan with a good slosh of cider. Added a knob of butter once it had reduced a bit, and sieved it to produce a smooth gravy. Served the lot with new spuds and veg.


Worked well. I could have marinaded it for longer I think, if I'd thought about it!

We'd like to try the roast pork shoulder recipe some time, once the mass of blackberries are well and truly ripening.
Looks lovely, Arch, and it's a new flavour to add to the pork. And of course, with the cider, you've got that classic combination of blackberry and apple!
I have never tried pork with blackberries. That's an interesting combination. Pork does go well with lots of fruits. Most commonly used I think are like peaches or apricots. They are both fairly sweet fruits. Blackberries have a little bite to them, but I imagine they could be very tasty with pork. Will have to be sure to try it.
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