Pub spit and sawdust pub reopens.

I sort of miss the pubs that used to have a Public Bar and a Private Bar, separated by a "Snob Screen". If you were with some mates and wanted to play darts, then the public bar was the place, and the beer was usually cheaper. Private, or Lounge bars were where you went for a drink with your mum and dad on a Sunday, or took your aunts and uncles for a tipple.
Modern, open plan pubs ( which seem to have been taken over by restaurant tables) are not appealing, and the general lack of bar stools is an absolute aberration!
A lot of the pubs here are still split with tables for food on one side and drinking n bar snacks on the other.
Pubs didn’t really get much of a choice on converting to restaurants, the breweries stranglehold and the price of a pint wrecked sales so it they had to appeal to a wider market or close their doors.

Gone are the days where young people meet at the pub, it’s too expensive so they go to each others houses and take a bottle with them. Sad that ‘it’s friday’ after work melting pot is gone.

You’re right about bar stools you only see them in expensive hotel and restaurant bars now.
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