Pumpkin; Canned or fresh?


(Formerly Shermie)
21 Aug 2014
Local time
5:31 AM
Brighton, MA.
When you want to make a pumpkin pie, bread or anything that might require the use of pureed pumpkin, do you use canned or fresh? I use the canned pumpkin because it is already pureed. If you use fresh, you'd have to go through all that seeding, peeling & boiling, then you must puree it to get rid of that stringy matter, otherwise it sounds like too much work for me!!! With canned pumpkin, you just open the can & get to work with it!!

You save the drudgery of work that would come along with using a fresh one!! Hah!!
On the rare occasion that I make pumpkin pie, I use canned pumpkin puree.

If I’m making something “extra special,” it’ll be fresh, but it can be troublesome getting proper sugar pumpkins any time other than Thanksgiving.

Other than that, it’s canned.
when somebody would like to have a no bake pumpin pie from me, I would prepare a crust like you said. then I would add some agar agar, spices and sweetener to the pumpkin and fill the cake
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