Purple tomatoes - would you go there?

16 Oct 2012
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1:44 PM
According to this report, scientists in Norfolk have come up with a GM purple tomato that can be left to ripen on the vine and keeps for about six weeks. It's supposed to taste better, but I don't think I'd buy it. In Spain, we do get different coloured tomatoes - yellow, orange, and a brown tomato that looks awful but tastes divine. However, the genetically modified bit bothers me about this one.

So, would you eat purple GM tomatoes? Why - or why not?
Not keen on the idea of GM. Not so much for any 'Frankenfood' worries about it being safe to eat, but because of the likelihood of GM seed being made very expensive, non-true-breeding and reliant on certain chemical herbicides etc, thereby keeping farmers beholden to the companies. I know all our modern plants are bred to some extent, but it's a process anyone can do...
I don't like the idea of GM food. I would rather eat vegetables as they are not as scientists make them. I know they are trying to make better foods but I think they should leave nature alone and come up with cures for some of the diseases in the world.
No way would l touch one of those gm toms! I try to avoid any gm products, if its not natural leave it alone because you never know what the long term effects are. We might end up giving birth to purple kids.:)
I agree you don't know what could happen to you if you eat those. I personally would rathrr err on the side of caution.
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