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29 Nov 2020
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Sri Lanka
You keep it that way! Is it unusual on your island to be an atheist? I don't know how religious the people of Sri Lanka are.
Being an atheist here is no problem at all. You can be an atheist in public no trouble whatsoever.

However there are a few things worth mentioning. Buddhists take offense when they see something like a Buddhist flag worn as a garment, or stuff like that. They never assault or anything but they don't like it and may scold you sometimes. A few years ago a tourist who had a Buddha tattooed on arm was deported by the authorities after a complaint made by some taxi drivers. Then this went public and the general public protested against that treatment. Then the government gave her compensation and invited her back totally free and offered her an absolutely free tour. I don't know if she came back. (I wouldn't)

In 2019 suicide bombers carried out attacks on several churches on Easter Sunday killing 300 people. They said it was against the Christchurch shooting in Australia.
p.s. The Esterday bombing was carried out by the Islamists pledging allegiance to ISIS.
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15 Jul 2019
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Ohio, US
As far as you know. :whistling:

They are/were pretty adamant. Teatotal fundamentalists on my dad's side. Teatotal Mennonites on my mom's side. Of course, anyone can have a split personality or a little secret to hide, but doubtful in their cases.

My grandad on my dad's side used to bust up stills in youth, part of his ministry. :laugh:

I do take that back for my maternal grandad - he kept a still until marrying my grandmother (his second wife) - she put an end to that.

A little story: every year for Christmas, my dad's employer would give him a commemorative bottle of either Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, the ones where the bottles were illustrated with elaborate hunting scenes, and they were numbered and all that.

My parents didn't/don't drink, but my dad thought they might be worth something one day, so up on the mantelpiece they went...and in the curio cabinet...and anywhere else my mom could fit them. He must have had 15-20 of these sitting around the house.

Years...decades later, I took one down to look at it and noticed the seal had been broken. Opened it...empty. Checked another, same thing. All of them were empty.

Talked to my brothers and found out the second-oldest one, who was the most rebellious of us by far, had polished them all off over the years, starting in his teens! :laugh:

Another story: my mom loved, when she was able, to do things "the old-fashioned" way. She liked making soap. She liked making butter, canning food, that sort of thing, and one year, she'd read about how to make dandelion wine, so she tried that.

She wouldn't drink it, though. She'd give a bottle to anyone who wanted it, but she'd staunchly say, "I've never tasted alcohol, and I never will!" :laugh:


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4 Sep 2020
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Chicago, IL - Midwest USA
I meant to ask if you know anyone who doesn't have that experience of getting high: never smoked never drunk any kind of alcohol etc., ever in their whole life. :) I know one person.
Yes. I know a woman whose mother was abusive to her as a child. She never went near any of that stuff. I was that way until my early 30s when I tried mj one time with my then husband.
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