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19 Apr 2015
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I've noticed recently that some members have been replying to rather old threads. There is no reason why you shouldn't do this if you wish but in general, if a thread is more than a year old, it is best to simply start a new thread (you can always refer to the old thread with a link, if appropriate).

One reason for this is that our membership has changed considerably over the last few years and some of the older threads consist entirely of posts from members who haven't visited the forum for many years and they are probably never going to see your reply!

Secondly, your reply may not be seen by current members, whereas if you start a new thread then it will be more visible to them.

Finally - we need more new threads! New threads increase the site's visibility to search engines which in turn increases our visibility to potential new members.

If in doubt as to whether to reply to an old thread, you can use the report button on the old thread or PM a member of staff to ask. Using the report button will reach more members of the moderator team, so you'll get a response more quickly.
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