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22 Sep 2023
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Hello everyone!
I am a Master student at Bocconi University (Italy) and for my thesis I am conducting research about the restaurant industry in the USA.
I kindly ask you to answer this short survey (6-8 minutes). All the data will be treated anonymously.
Link for the survey:
Your contribution would be extremely important! If you want, it would be great if you share this link with all your friends!
Thank you so much :)
It is about understanding the preferences of people when they decide where to go eating. In particular, I would like to understand what American people like about Italian restaurants.
My city is a "Foodie" community. The number of successful restaurants based on the population is very large. There are all of the fast-food joints, the mid-range franchises. Most do well. One failure of note was Red Lobster. It bombed. The best restaurants are locally owned. I rarely dine at chain restaurants. Bonefish Grill is the occasional exception. Olive Garden comes to mind. Not ever considered as a dinner option. Carabbas is another "Italian" chain restaurant. I am 70 years old and have eaten there twice. My favorite restaurants are all local. They make use of fresh local ingredients. There is an awesome Indian restaurant that is frequented by the local Indian population, Doctors and Lawyers. Real deal Indian food. A couple of wonderful white linen Italian restaurants owned and run by families of Italian immigrants. Divine food and wine. There are several restaurants that we frequent featuring local cuisine and/or basic good cooking with no frills.
We dine out 2 or 3 times a month at white linen restaurants.
We have friends who dine out 5 days a week always at locally owned restaurants, never at chains.
Good luck with your thesis.
Having used our input, it would be very nice if you let us know the result of your project.
Thank you all for the answers. I ask you, if you haven't done it yet, to click on the link in my first post in order to answer my survey, so that I can use what you are commenting here in my thesis.
I assure you the link is not dangerous, since it is managed directly by my university.

In addition, if someone of you is available to do a video call with me in the next weeks to go deeper on this theme, just answer to this post and I would really appreciate it.

Thank you all again!
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