See which cow your McDonalds came from!

16 Oct 2012
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10:52 PM
An Australian app will allow you to track your burger back to the cow it originated from. For me, that's a step too far. If I can see the cow the burger came from, it would be like eating a friend. Or is that just me being illogical again? What do you think?
A burger comes from a cow (assuming it's beef of course!). Most cows look pretty similar, and I doubt many beef cattle have names. So being shown cow #1757463 doesn't really bother me. I know it's an animal.

But then I once house sat for a friend, which involved feeding her sheep flock, and then when she got back from holiday, helping her load three of them into the trailer to take to the butcher. Payment for the weekend was in chops and mince...
Eating anything in McDonalds is a step too far for me.
Some supermarkets have been doing this for years. Butcher I know even has a picture of the herd that his meat comes from on his wall.
I love seeing providence of food,in a fish and chip shop you get to see the boat the fish is caught on or the farmer that grew the potatoes ,
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