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4 Oct 2012
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3:25 AM
If you haven't seen it yet, I've created a new forum where I'm going to post shopping links, member-only discounts and special offers from retailers.

I'll be completely honest - it's as much about generating revenue for the running of the site as it is about passing on savings to you - but hopefully you'll enjoy the discounts whilst we enjoy making a small commission on the side. :thumbsup:

Some of the links go directly to the retailer - these are for the times when you know what you want and where you want it from - just click the link from here and we'll earn a small commission as the referrer.

Other links are time limited and will only apply for a short while after being posted. Use these fairly quickly if you want to take advantage of the discount being offered.

Others still will be copy 'n' paste discount codes that apply, usually, at the checkout stage (look for the code box when completing your order on the retailer's site).

I hope the links and codes come in handy and thanks to all of you who use them. :)

Shaun :D
It's been pointed out that being able to post replies in the shopping forum might be useful - to allow for discussion and feedback on the offers - so I've modified the permissions and you can now reply. :thumbsup:
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