Show me your breakfast (2024)

I really love a good Spanish tortilla....
Only make them occasionally though.
Last one I had was made by a visiting Spaniard...

My breakfast was left over facaccia with ham and fried eggs
Sunday Brunch here in Cowboyville Arizona
Hawaii-Style Breakfast, Portuguese Sausage Eggs and Rice, all said as if it were one word :laugh:


When we were in Las Vegas, I brought back some Portuguese Sausage from Hawaii.
As I was planning Sunday Brunch last night, I saw the Linguica that is made in California ... this calls for a head-to-head taste off!
The larger rounds are from Hawaii, Redondo brand
and the smaller are from California, Silva brand ... both good Portuguese Sir names in Hawaii.
Both DH and I conquered that the sausage from Hawaii was far and away better, in all ways.
I said that even if I was not from Hawaii, I would still prefer that sausage.
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