Show me your breakfast (2024)

Mango with honey kaymak ( Turkish cream)
Is that the same type of plum used to make slivovic?
Hm,a good question. To my info the plum for šljivovica is the plain blue plum, but I will make inquiries.
Probably it is not impossible to make it from any plum...with possibly slight differences in taste and whatever else...
Is that the same type of plum used to make slivovic?
As assumed, usually it is the plain blue plum, an authentic Croatian plum sort called Bistrica, that šljivovica is made of. It seems to be similar to a Stanley plum.or California Blue plum.
The red plum can surely be used, but would not be the typical, as I understand.
Looks like it's the cook's brain that was scrambled, because the egg certainly isn't!
What’s funny is, it looks like they started to chop it, like for fried rice*, and then gave up after two whacks! :laugh:

*An egg mixed up, cooked hard on the diner griddle, then chopped into a million bits, is a perfectly acceptable scrambled egg around here, just for the record.
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