Signature baked item or experiment?

16 Oct 2012
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12:37 PM
When you make a cake or bake a savoury pie or dessert, do you have a 'signature' dish that everyone knows and loves you for, or do you try something new almost every time you have a baking session? I'm not big on baking - it's too much of a temptation to eat more than is healthy - but my friend makes the most amazing scones. She always makes some for people who have been ill or need cheering up, and they certainly do the trick!

So, do you have a signature baked item, or do you trawl through your cook books each time the oven is pressed into service?
I used to do chocolate and banana cake as my regular.
Haven't done one for a very long time now.

Now I tend to be making little light sponge cakes with ginger and walnut, or wild berries.
Some things I am better at making and some things my husband is better at cooking.

I am definitely better at cooking the recipes that are more 'home cooked' and bung it recipes.
He is better at cooking those dishes that need precise quantities of things.

He weighs things, I don't.
I know 1 heaped dessert spoon is roughly 1 oz of flour... I know what 2oz butter looks like...

I also know people eat more than that recipe says they do!
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