Simple Cookies


11 Oct 2012
Local time
10:11 AM
Eccles, Salford
A friend gave me this recipe, it's very simple and open to lots of variations.

Basic Cookie Mix
3oz Marg (I guess you can use butter too!)
3oz caster sugar
1 egg, beaten.
6oz SR flour.

Cream the marg and sugar together, add the egg and beat well. Then fold in the flour and...

You can add all sorts of stuff. Chocolate chips, dried cranberries or other small fruit, lemon or orange zest and flavouring, vanilla essence, any combo you think will work. I guess you could make chocolate ones by adding some cocoa powder, perhaps reducing the flour by the same amount.

Place teaspoonfuls on a baking tray (allow room for them to spread), and bake at Gas 2, 150C, 300F until golden.
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