Site upgraded to XF 1.2.1


4 Oct 2012
Local time
12:33 PM
The forums have been upgraded to Xenforo v1.2.1

It brings a number of changes, the primary of which are the responsive design (the layout changes to suit the device you're using) and the new post editor (which now includes auto-draft saving of your posts and drag-drop capability for selected browsers).

You may need to refresh your browser cache to load the updated files - most desktop browsers support CTRL+F5 to force-refresh cached content.

I'm still working on setting up all the changes that the new version brings, so if you have any problems accessing or using the site please let me know by posting in the support forum.

Shaun :D

Note: Tapatalk is currently disabled due to compatibility issues; however the new responsive layout should work well on your mobile device and is fully featured. :thumbsup:
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