Smoked salmon

16 Oct 2012
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I'm not keen on smoked salmon - I prefer the fresh stuff - but I know a lot of people love it, especially for special occasions. I found this blog post which has 10 ways to serve smoked salmon, as well as telling you how to do your own.

So, do you like smoked salmon? Have you got a special way to serve it that you'd like to share?
If it's cured smoked salmon, such as Lox, I love it. Most of the time I go the classic route on a bagel with cream cheese, red onions and fresh dill. But I also love to make eggs benedict with it in place of the canadian bacon - it melts in your mouth and there is something wonderful about warm eggs with salmon. It's great in scrambled eggs too.

I've also seen smoked salmon that was just simply roasted (and smoked) then flaked. This was usually served whole, at parties and wine tastings. I'm not much of a fan of this preparation since they usually dry the salmon out way too much - plus its a rather unappealing presentation once it's been picked over too much.
Sliced smoked salmon, straight out of the packet and into my mouth. Any left in the packet goes onto nice bread, or a cracker or whatever comes to hand, with just a scraping of butter.

Where I lived in London I used to go down to Ridley Road Market in Hackney where there used to be a smoked salmon shop where the salmon was sliced ready for distribution. The shop used to sell the trimmings for £1 a bag (about 1 pound weight) and I would buy it and just eat like sweets (candy) as I walked through the market. That was back in the early 80's though.
While I also love the cold smoked salmon they use in that article, I prefer my salmon hot smoked. It's a bit harder to make (though it is faster) and the taste is absolutely divine.
I'm the same, I like fresh salmon but so far haven't enjoyed any of the smoked salmon I've had.
Smoked salmon is like a lot of foods there are different qualities.i use a local chap to me ,a Norwegian ,takes care in all stages ,and then hand slices,have used him for 25 years,
For those who do not like the texture of the cold smoke try bradan rost from loch fyne ,hot smoked flak able texture very nice
I love smoked salmon. It goes very well as a snack. I usually eat it as it is, just with plain white bread, as the smokey and fishy flavors don`t really need anything else added to them in my opinion.
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