Recipe smoky chicken skewers

16 Oct 2012
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7:53 AM
I came across this recipe today. It would work well as party food, or you could make them larger and serve with a salad as a main meal. I like the idea of using smoky paprika rather than hot spices for the kebabs, so I think I'll make some for us to eat on the journey back to Spain next week.

That sounds fantastic. I love the idea of pairing the smoked paprika and cumin with fennel seeds. I don't often cook with fennel seeds because I don't care for the flavor of them on their own - but with the paprika and cumin, which are strong flavors of their own, that might be pretty interesting. I literally just grabbed all three of those spices and opened the lids and took a whiff of them together, and it smelled great. I think I may give this a try later today for lunch. I wonder how much salt and pepper I should use - I guess they're saying to just eyeball it.
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