Spicy Squares (fridge cake/traybake)


11 Oct 2012
Local time
2:13 AM
Eccles, Salford
7 oz Rich Tea biscuits
2oz walnuts
3 tbsp Golden Syrup
3 oz Marg (or butter)
2 tsp Instant Coffee granules
2 tsp Cinnamon
2 oz Raisins
2 oz Icing Sugar
some glace cherries chopped into quarters

Cooking chocolate (milk or dark, to taste)

Oil a baking tray/tin. Crush the biscuits (quite fine, but leave a few bigger chunks for crunch) and chop the walnuts.

In a saucepan, combine the syrup, marg, coffee, cinnamon and 1 tbsp water, and heat to melt.

Add the biscuit crumb, walnuts, raisins, cherries and icing sugar and mix well.

Press into the tin, and cool in the fridge to set.

When set, melt the chocolate and pour over - how much depends on taste, the recipe originally said to drizzle it over but I prefer a full coating!
How much chocolate do you use in your version, as opposed to the original?!

Ummmm. I guess about half/three quarters of a bar (that's the usual cooking chocolate size bar).

BTW, I've found that Sainsburys Basics dark chocolate is fine for cooking (and eating!) and is cheaper than the dedicated cooking chocolate, which isn't so nice to eat 'raw'.
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