Strawberries - how do you like yours?

16 Oct 2012
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10:30 AM
The strawberries are in season here in Spain, and we're going through industrial quantities of them. Well, at 2 Euro a kilo, or even less, it would be a crime not to.

We're quite happy to munch on them as they are, but when I prepare a dish for dessert, I serve them with a drizzle of Moscatel wine - that's a sweet Spanish dessert wine. I only add around a dessertspoon per person, but it really brings out the flavour of the strawberries, and seems to treble the quantity of juice that comes from them. Tony prefers his with clotted cream, but we can't get that here, so he has ice cream. I have mine with Greek yogurt.

So, how do you serve up your strawberries?
Aren't strawberries always in season in Spain? The ones on sale here (France) out of season always seem to be Spanish, mind you they are pretty tasteless :(
Our main season is February - end of April, that's when the biggest, juiciest ones are around, although there are a few more expensive locally produced ones at other times of the year. They're not so good, but they're certainly not tasteless.

I think the problem arises because they're picked too early for export. If they're for local sale, they're picked at the optimum time. We've had Spanish strawberries in the UK in March which have been absolutely tasteless, yet we've bought them here in March and they've been wonderful.
I like them removed from my plate, and replaced with a proper pudding... :wink:

Like all fruit, they are ok, but I don't relish them like most people seem to. Rather have a piece of cheese....
I can sit and eat fruit almost continuously. Strawberries are eaten as they come with the stalk part cut out with a small fruit knife. I can't digest cream so none on mine.
I love strawberries (prefer raspberries). My prefered method is direct from plant to mouth in seconds.

One recipe a friend introduced us to (good for any summer fruit) was best of slightly over-ripe fruit (or softened fruit in water with a touch of brown sugar to bring out the juices, leave in fridge overnight). Put the whole lot into a shallow bowl, cover in a good layer of mascapone, sprinkle with something like demerara sugar and brown under the grill to caramelise the sugar. (this also warms the fruit slightly and softens the mascapone).

regretfully I can't have it anymore, but it was delicious.
SatNav, that sounds great. I'm going to take back some mascapone when we go back to Spain and try that. I reckon it would work well with peaches and apricots as well, and they'll be at their best when we go back in early June. Thanks for another great tip.
We pick them at the farm just up the road, we have them cut sprinkled with a little sugar and left to ooze then with cream, the eldest loves strawberries in jelly, strawberry trifle is a must and a new recipe I discovered last year meaning we can have strawberries in one form all year round rhubarb & strawberry pie - sublime... so in this house at the moment it is go pick rhubarb & strawberries at the farm eat some & cook up pie filling & freeze some.
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