Taken with a pinch of salt ...

16 Oct 2012
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12:28 AM
If you get confused with all the different types of salt on the supermarket shelves, you may find this article interesting. I go for sea salt as it's less processed and seems to flavour stuff better than other types of salt. It's also very cheap here in Spain, which helps.

What about you? What type of salt do you use, if any?
I use a combination of sea salt and low sodium salt. I used to use grey atlantic sea salt more, but it does not go through a salt seller very well at all, and has become too expensive for our needs now.

I recently went over to low sodium salt becauses it has potassium in it, something I am routinely low in (when blood tests are done) where as I am sodium sensitive (not helped by my childhood GP & dentist getting my mother to make me wash my teeth in salt due to an inability to use any of the toothpaste brands at the time). In addition it is better for me becuase of my inability to balance sodium/potasium correctly due to my reduced adreanal gland function.

But I prefer the atlantic grey salt - it is basically unprocessed and less salty than sea salt (don't ask - you just have to try it).

I have been considering trying the himalyan rose salts but the cost puts me off - even my prefered salt is cheaper.
I don't cook with salt at all - well, very rarely I might use some if instructed in a rub or topping for meat. I have an ancient box of Maldon Sea Salt.

I figure I get enough salt from the relatively small amount of processed foods I eat, and no one has ever complained at my cooking being bland....
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