The CookingBites recipe challenge: lentils (any type, any form)

What do you think about strawberries? I don’t think it has been chosen before?
What do you think about strawberries? I don’t think it has been chosen before?

UK strawberries are available nearly all year round here due to advanced farming methods. We also have imported strawberries (usually from Spain). As you say, strawberries haven't been chosen before.

The only thing I would say is that in general, when fruit has been chosen we get fewer entries. I'm not sure why but it may be because a lot of members don't cook many sweet things. Of course, fruit can be used in savoury recipes though.
Hmmm ok I’m not feeling well today. I need to think about this. Any suggestion are welcome ?
I'll make a choice tonight or tomorrow. Sorry taking so long. :oops:
I'll try my best to be quick.
It is often best to think on it overnight.

It should be something you like, ideally. And you'll need to consider alternatives if for instance you select meat or fish (several members like myself don't use animal or fish ingredients at all). Coming up with something that's cheaper is also a good idea and just to add to the fun, if you select nuts/dairy, you'll need to consider allergies. I think those are the only actual allergies members have this site (I'm the one with the full blown dairy allergy but I know there are others with nut allergies, gluten intolerance and so on, so if you select say wheat, then a gluten free alternative needs to be included).

Ingredients that work best tend to be ones that are available worldwide and are cheaper than others. Starters and main course ingredients tend to have many more entries than fruit or dessert ingredients.

All that said strawberries are very cheap here in Australia at the moment and very delicious.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Congrats, msmofet!

Also, I think strawberries are a fine choice. I like that they’ve surprisingly never been chosen before, and they’re extremely versatile, they’re not terribly expensive, the frozen ones are excellent, and…I can make a cocktail or six with them!
Ok. There has to be a first time. Strawberries it is. Do I start the thread, or does a mod have to?

I love strawberries. Can’t wait to see some new ideas.
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