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18 Mar 2018
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I'm not sure if this has always been this way, but now you can find fun things like this:

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@rascal: you've been quite prolific since you've joined, haven't you! :bravo:
This is the best site that suits me, great banter between posters and real genuine nice people. Well I havnt come across anyone I don't like or agree with. Just the time difference so I have to wait to catch up. :)



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11 Oct 2012
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That page was always there just presented slightly differently, though not all of the contents were on the same page in one big hit.

This is what it used to look like Notable Members | CycleChat Cycling Forum

The home page/ front page now also features a few new statistics as well.

The bottom half never existed before.


If anyone remembers the (total) members number, yes it has dropped dramatically. I now have an add-on that culls dormant accounts (not logged in in the last 365 days, never posted anything and never chatted with anyone) and took the decision to have a clean up during the migration.

There is also a birthday list, so if it is your birthday and you have filled it in on your profile (you don't have to have the setting set to be displayed) your name will show in the birthday list. A new add-on will (maybe i should say should until i know it works) also stay a birthday wishes thread in the café for people to wish that member happy birthday.

At some point over the next few weeks I'll start to cover some of the new features in the Site Support forum including a nice new one you may or may not have yet noticed but if you add a web address directly into your text, you no longer have to give it a title if you want it to display the title of that page.

The best way of explaining this to you is with a screenshot... above, I'm entering this...


Now look at what you actually are seeing...
I've not used the insert hyperlink icon on the toolbar, just a straight copy paste of the web address.

If you don't understand me, don't worry. If you do, it's a handy shortcut if you want the page title to be your hyperlink text. If you want something different, you'll still need to use the insert command...

But I promised hubby no CookingBites support today unless it was a major issue, so I had better get back to cooking the blini I was looking you the recipe for (the dough is proofing at the moment).
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