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15 Oct 2012
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6:08 PM
Perhaps but as a visitor such things are simply a confusion - the parsonage museum is Howarth and this is what most people wish to see. If we wish to degrade the memory of possibly some of the finest writers in the world by all means trumpet such things as casino's and brothels - it is a very British disease to soil anything we should be proud of.
It's not one that few in "Bronte Country" are aware off. Come closer to their home and there's a lot more that will never make the headlines as it were. Haworth refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Bronte's actually lived anywhere else. Top withens in Wuthering Heights is nearer to their place of birth than Haworth. But the tourist trade goes to what is said to be the place. Two very separate locations.

As for the casino & brothel, they were both owned by a locally famous female landowner. With whom they are known to stayed. Their diaries document these visits.
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