Treacle Tart with a twist.


11 Oct 2012
Local time
5:09 PM
Eccles, Salford
Mum made this for NT and me at the weekend. I don't have the exact recipe, but basically, from memory:

Pastry base in a tin - she used frozen shortcrust, for the first time ever (she makes good pastry), and declared it perfectly good and fuss free.

The filling is golden syrup (300g, I think), orange zest, beaten egg and breadcrumbs, but the twist is, the breadcrumbs were from Hot Cross Buns. She had a pack in the freezer, so got 4 out and sliced them open to let them get a bit 'stale', before we crumbed them in the blender. The fruit made the crumbs a little moister than plain bread. The filling ingredients were all mixed (the syrup was warmed to make it easier), and then poured into the pastry case, and baked. I think it was gas 5, for 30-35 mins.

The filling had all the nice spice flavour of the hot cross buns, and a slightly more chewy texture than treacle tart I've had before. Very nice! We served it with creme fraiche for us, and soya cream for NT.

I think it was a Sainsbury recipe card, so a bit of research might find the actual recipe and any ingredient I've missed...

I guess other bread product crumbs might work too...
Sounds nice, Arch. I usually add a little lemon juice to treacle tarts - it adds that bit of tartness that prevents it from being too sickly.
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