UK to US Weight, Liquid & Temperature Conversions

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    We are used to the F scale in the oven and sometimes I wonder how it is in the C scale. But now I know that 300 F is 150 C. That temperature is our mark for baking cassava cake. If the heat is higher, the inside will not be cooked well and if it very low then the cake will be somewhat soggy. For the first hour, the temperature should be 300 F and it goes up to 315 F for half an hour and 350 F for the last half hour of baking.
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    Thanks @classic33 This is very helpful. I'm seeing more and more ingredients from outside the U.S., so this will come in handy when I'm converting them for my use.
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    I have recently found another useful conversion website and despite the website name, the chart is not just veg, it covers all sorts from flour to butter to veg to beans, to nuts and so on.

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