Veal - do you eat it?

16 Oct 2012
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Browsing the BBC Good Food website, I came across this feature on cooking with veal. I first ate veal in France many years ago, and I loved it. It's not something I buy often - too expensive - but I usually buy a small veal joint at Christmas.

I know some people are squeamish about eating calves, but those same people have no problem eating lamb, which is the same thing, really. What about you - do you eat veal? Any good recipes to share?
I'd prefer rose veal, not the white crated stuff, for welfare reasons. But I have no problem with eating veal per se. If we eat dairy produce, we have to do something with the male calves.
Our grocery stores have started selling a lot more cuts of veal, and at much more reasonable prices. I haven't had it in a long time since the rest of my family won't eat it. But from what I recall I did really enjoy the taste of it.

Years ago, most of our grocery stores would only sell the occasional pack of veal chops and a little ground veal - now they have all sorts of cuts, including roasts and chunks of veal for stews, burgers, steaks and such.
Yes here in France it's used quite a lot. I rarely touch it though, I'm more of a chicken person.
After a bike ride to the local public market, I brought home some veal for dinner tonight. It will be Veal Piccata for me I think. I just have to decide on what to serve as a side dish. Veal is a rare indulgence for me as it can be an expensive meat. I do like to mix it up every once in a while as I can get tired of chicken and other more common meats.
I'm not a Veal fan. The way they are raised and treated by companies is very unethical. I do like eating meat though, but tend to stick to things like chicken and fish.
I've never had veal nor will I ever try it. Just saying the name of it makes me sick to my stomach. Are there any real good reasons on why one should eat it?!
I used to eat veal and did really like it but after seeing one of those calf farms in person it pretty much turned me off to it. It is good meat though.
I won't eat veal knowingly. I thought I would not eat it at all, but I know I've eaten ground beef and it may have been a calf. I won't buy veal.

That said, when I stopped by the local cheese house that also sells the local ground beef that is grass fed, one time he said he didn't have any, but they (the beef people, not him) said they would have a calf soon so there would be meat soon, I did wonder if I have unknowingly eaten calf younger than I would prefer. Honestly, unless it's local and you simply ask, which I intend to do next time, you have no way of knowing if it's a calf or cow when it's ground meat that is sold.
rose veal in this day and age has specific rearing standards not like the early 80's,i do eat it,and cook it and see no reason not to! I have no social conditioning not to ,as i have been bought up with it,
as where i was bought up had the largest veal processing planet in the uk in the 80,s
I do not eat veal or lamb. Something about it makes me a little squeamish. I had my first bite of veal a month or so ago and I liked the taste and texture but don't think I will make it a regular part of my diet.
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