Vegan diet - where to find recipes?

16 Oct 2012
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Many people these days are opting to go vegetarian or vegan, either because of health issues or concerns about how livestock is reared, slaughtered and processed. What puts people off vegan eating is the cost, and the availability of vegan products and recipes. As with all diets, if you are able to cook meals from scratch, a vegan diet needn't be expensive.

Check out Best of You Today for pages of excellent vegan recipes. Do you have a great site for vegan recipes, or do you work out vegan meals for yourself?
I love the book Jenni Malsingh's Mango Soup for great vegan recipes - all indian but exceptionally tasty - I've already linked it in the cookbooks section.
Another I use is Rose Elliot's Vegan feasts, and another is Barbara Scott-Goodman's The Candle Cafe Cookbook.
Another is Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan with a Vengeance which we use from time to time and another which is vegetarian but also written to include vegan variations is Nava Altas's Soup for all Seasons which we have had for nearly 20 years and is a well used copy.
I really enjoy juicing! I am not a vegan or strict vegetarian, but I find that juicing is a great dietary supplement. I found a really great breakfast drink that would be great for anyone on a vegan or vegetarian diet. It's a Giada (sorry if that's spelled wrong) recipe from Food Network. Rise and Shine Juice Recipe.
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