Vegan Mango Soup


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11 Oct 2012
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OK - guessing this is for cook books that you really like...
well I have a considerable number of them, all vegetarian or vegan.

This particular one is a vegan Indian cook book and we use a minimum of 1 recipe a week from it, usually more. If you like spices, then this is the book for you. 1 recipe I have done (which tastes fantastic and is on this week's menu yet again has 12/13 different spices in it.

It has loads of different recipes, all very easy to follow, well explained, though I have had to google one or two of the dahls and spices to see what they actually are called in the UK...

books.jpg £29 from the author...
I love mangoes and mango lassi (which I order ever time, I visit an Indian restaurant) but I've never thought of trying mango soup. I guess it would be quite refreshing in summer. Thanks for the link!
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