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Nosh 'n' Splosh
15 Jul 2019
Local time
1:46 PM
Ohio, US
I made cinnamon buns this morning, with loads of cream cheese frosting.

They came out ok, but not great. I've used this recipe several times, and it's always been perfect, but today, they wouldn't brown very well, and the taste is a little floury.

I think the problem is two-fold: I used a pan I've never used before, didn't even know I had it until a couple of months ago. My usual are dark nonstick, but this one is silver and is one of those double-layered air insulated things. I think that's the issue with the browning. I left this in the oven a full 10 minutes past the prescribed bake time, and the bottom and sides were still very pale. I think this pan has an appointment with the trash can later today.

The other, I'm blaming the flour. A few weeks ago, I had to buy some weirdo off-brand flour, because that's all that was in stock, and this is now the fourth thing I've baked with it that has come out well below standard. Bad biscuits, two bad loaves of bread, and now cinnamon buns with a bad texture and taste.
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