What did you cook or eat today (July 2024)

Let’s hear about those July eats!
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Part one of the left overs:
I turned the cabbage mixture into nasi goreng. So now I got nasi goreng left over :)
Errands in the morning, and felt like something quick should suffice for lunch. Gluten free pasta, with the leftover sauerkraut and the last bits of the vegan Parmiggiano. And then I had a revelation, oh I should drizzle pumpkin seed oil on top! The other ingredients are rather dry.
So, before and after the oil.
Quite good!
Errands again, so the gluten free banana cake for inbetween lunch and dinner...

Dinner is almost on repeat with garlic sausages, sauerkraut, but this time mashed potatoes (using soy milk). Very yummy.

Used the potato water, added chard and celery (frozen), some spices, stick blended, for tomorrow a nice veggie soup.

Baking gluten free muffins, still in the oven, will post separately.

Light meal last night so omelettes cheese and tomato for wife and I had same except I had shrooms as well.

We had omelettes as well, diced ham (from yesterday), and some of the Bermuda onion cheese we bought on Saturday, with parsley and chives from out back mixed in with the eggs, toast on the side.
Tovala meals of noodles in mushroom broth with roasted mushrooms and vegetable dumplings. I forgot to take a picture but they were quite good. Craig ended up eating 2 of my dumplings and some of my noodles, etc. because I was getting too full.
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